The Biggest Direct-Response Facebook Ads Of All Time
The ultimate Facebook Swipe File
  • Justin Scott — CMO, Clixel Media
    May 20, 2019
I’m always on the lookout for ads that are crushing it out in the real world.
Why? Because, reinventing the wheel can be a giant time and energy drain and you can learn a TON from what’s working for other advertisers.
In short, the right inspiration can help you come up with new angles and give yourself a running start with your own ad campaigns.
Our agency has profitably spent tens of millions on Facebook ad campaigns alone, and effective competitive research has been a key factor in our success.
Years ago we decided years to keep a shared, up-to-date swipe file for our internal team to use. It's been so beneficial to our business that I made the decision to release our swipe file to a few other worthy marketers as a way of giving back and sharing value.
Here are the Top 10 Most Viral Ads
(Ranked by number of shares)
Click on the images to view the original posts on Facebook, watch videos, check out comments, and click through to landing pages. The ads featured here represent literally millions of dollars worth of ad spend that you can learn from.
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Squatty Potty
  • Views: 140M
  • Reactions: 700K
  • Shares: 1.6M
  • Comments: 322K
Legit Gifts: Bed sheet fan
  • Views: 60M
  • Reactions: 154K
  • Shares: 1.2M
  • Comments: 148K
GoodGood Gifts: Amazing kitchen gifts
  • Views: 64M
  • Reactions: 430K
  • Shares: 765K
  • Comments: 104K
KABOOST: Turn any chair into a highchair
  • Views: 43M
  • Reactions: 232K
  • Shares: 751K
  • Comments: 25K
Home Hacks: 60 second salad maker
  • Views: 81M
  • Reactions: 1.2M
  • Shares: 749K
  • Comments: 150K
Health For All Women: Castor oil
  • Views: 56M
  • Reactions: 241K
  • Shares: 706K
  • Comments: 79K
Save Animals: Shop
  • Views: 44M
  • Reactions: 929K
  • Shares: 576K
  • Comments: 37K
Higher Perspective: ‘Save the ocean’ bracelets
  • Views: 54M
  • Reactions: 480K
  • Shares: 541K
  • Comments: 13K
Squatty Potty: Anti-poo-stink spray
  • Views: 38M
  • Reactions: 300K
  • Shares: 536K
  • Comments: 122K
ZUNGLE: Headphone sunglasses
  • Views: 135M
  • Reactions: 396K
  • Shares: 512K
  • Comments: 175K
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